Wooden Triangle Climber and Wall 2in1 with Balance Board, Colorful, Climbing Set, Climbing Gym, Climbing Arch and Ramp



Materials: wood

Wooden Triangle set in colors with a ramp and rack that can be transformed into a climbing Wall!
Everything is included in the set, also the wall mount and the hanger. Don't hesitate to contact me for further questions.

Our climbing Triangle is a unique playground inside your very home for children between the ages of 6 months and five years. It is a diverse functional climbing triangle that will provide endless learning and fun opportunities, as the triangle can be transformed into many different shapes.

While parents should allow kids to explore the triangle independently and at their own pace, they should also provide supervision and support.
Do not leave children unattended.

Playing with our climbing triangle will help your child to develop:

• Dexterity
• Movement pleasure
• Balance
• Motor skills
• Courage
• Healthy joints
• Muscle development
• Bone health

The triangle can be made up of different shapes. The benefit of the varying constructions is that each variation has a unique effect. The various forms and hardness of the slides help to massage your child's feet. The additional setups ensure that all nodes in your little ones' feet are put to use.
The stimulation of feet is vital, as it helps prevent flat feet and improves posture for the rest of life.

Multiple physiotherapists have found that this toy is an excellent tool for improving a child's immunity; many action points connected to the internal organs are located on the feet.

Made from sustainably sourced FSC certified Finnish birch plywood.

• Height - 72 cm or 28.3”
• Length - 86 cm or 34"
• Width - 82 cm or 33"

The Climbing Ramp/Slide:
• Length - 88 cm or 35"
• Width - 37 m or 15"

Maximum weight limit - 50 kg or 110 lb


There are 2 sizes to choose from:

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE S, (starter, gentle curve)

• Length: 800 mm / 31,5 inches
• Width: 280 mm / 11,00 inches
• Arch height 125 mm / 4,92 inches
• Thickness: 12 mm / 0,47 inches
• Weight: 2 kg / 4,4 lbs
• Holds up to 150 kg / 330 lbs
• Suitable for everyone but especially for very young children.