Handmade beautifully painted Nesting Dolls 5 dolls in each set



This hand made and hand painted beautiful dolls consist of 5 pieces nested in the biggest one. The biggest one is 14cm high, 7cm in diameter. The smallest is 4 cm high, 2cm in diameter. It will be the best gift idea for your loved one. All dolls are packed in retail box with front in transparent plastic cover for looking through

What is unique about them is that they have different sizes that are placed one on top of the other, with the smallest doll on the very inside.

Our adorable nesting dolls symbolise nobility, royalty, ambition, luxury, power, and wealth. This elegant nesting doll set consists of eight pieces of with descending sizes. The largest-sized doll has product measurements of 7.28 inches in length and 3.23 inches in width.

Each Elegant Purple Matryoshka Nesting Doll is carved from high-quality smooth and polished wood. With each piece carefully-painted by hand by our excellent craftsmen to deliver you dolls of superb quality. Add a fresh new element to your space