Best Balance Board for kids and adults, handmade European Baltic birch wood ideal for balance, exercise, yoga, play and fun


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What’s more fun than rocking with a balance board? that’s right, NOTHING!
Not only just for fun, playing on the balance boards helps develop:
- creativity
- imagination
- balance
- exercise routine for Pilates, yoga and stretching, balance and dexterity

Can be used as a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack, a lounge seat, or an elephants back. The curved board stimulates balance and poise and is a fantastic toy for children and adults. This board comes with forest felt attached to the outer curve of the board.

Adults can use for Yoga poses, Balance training, dexterity training, Pilates, stretching, ankle strengthening and more
Premium product, genuinely hand made in Europe by the Leg&Go family business using 100% natural Baltic Birch wood.
Surface finisher with American Oak. Designed by the award winning Engineer
HANDMADE: Each product is hand crafted by the family and team.

Hand crafted by Engineers making it perfectly suited to play, stretching, exercising, balancing or pretend
Great for toddlers, kids and adults of all ages

Flip it, swing it, use it. There is no limits.
Our balance boards are made with care from sustainably sourced Finnish birch plywood.

The balance board stimulates balance and strength during play and use. In a playful way, but very efficiently, it supports physical awareness and balance. In our own experience the board works like a magnet for children. It is a toy that doesn’t need to be put away after playing with it. It looks great in every living room. It is designed for indoor use, but can also be used outside with sufficient care.

Some interesting balance board facts
- Suitable for children and adults of all ages from 0+
- Made in Latvia, CE certified and safety tested to European and Australian standards.
- Several Layers of quality European FSC beech wood are pressed under high pressure to form the curve and take weight up to 200 kg.
- Eko felt base is made from wool and water based paints in Italy. It is completely natural and free from synthetic chemicals.
- Finished with water-based translucent lacquer.

Large Size 112cm(Arc Length)*33cm(Width)*18cm(Arc Height).
Medium Size 88cm(Arc Length)*28cm(Width)*17cm(Arc Height).
Small Size 80cm(Arc Length)*28cm(Width)*12.5cm(Arc Height)

Note: Due to this unique products handcrafted nature they are NOT mass produced and are therefore available in limited supply. We only work with businesses that share our passion for high quality children’s toys, child development, and a focus on customer service and product knowledge. Acknowledged with awards as well – leg&go is the Eurobike 2015 winner in the Urban Bike category, ISPO Munich Brand new finalist in the 2016/2017 season and has won the Design & Innovation Award 2019 for lightweight design and transformability.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE S (starter, gentle curve)
Length: 800 mm / 31,5 inches
Width: 280 mm / 11,00 inches
Arch height 125 mm / 4,92 inches
Thickness: 12 mm / 0,47 inches
Weight: 2 kg / 4,4 lbs
Holds up to 150 kg / 330 lbs
Suitable for everyone but especially for young children.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE M (original size, classic curve)
Length: 880 mm / 34,65 inches
Width: 280 mm / 11,00 inches
Arch height 170 mm / 6,69 inches
Thickness: 15 mm / 0,59 inches
Weight: 3 kg / 6,6 lbs
Holds up to 200 kg / 440 lbs
Most universal size that is suitable for everyone.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE L (large curve)

Length: 1120 mm / 44,09 inches
Width: 330 mm / 12,99 inches
Arch height 220 mm / 8,66 inches
Thickness: 18 mm / 0,70 inches
Weight: 5,4 kg / 11,9 lbs
Holds up to 200 kg / 440 lbs

Hand made in Europe: Scandinavian design tradition
The minimalist aesthetic of leg&go is clearly inspired by Nordic design. So is the choice of materials – due to its immense strength and low weight, the same molded plywood we use in our bikes has been famously used in everything from design furniture to aviation

Made with love in Northern Europe, leg&go is manufactured by a process that brings together smart technologies and a human touch. Each product undergoes thorough quality control – we can promise that its quality is flawless and it will be your little one’s most reliable friend right out of the box.

Award-winning construction
The work by our engineers, who care deeply about children’s development and comfort, has been acknowledged with awards as well – leg&go is the Eurobike 2015 winner in the Urban Bike category, ISPO Munich Brandnew finalist in the 2016/2017 season and has won the Design & Innovation Award 2019 for lightweight design and transformability.

Balance board Safety recomendations
Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to the Wobbel. Help them when needed and make clear what can and can't be done with it. Beware of fingers and toes at the edges. Teach your child from the first time to never hold the edges. Provide at least two meters of free space (also to other children) around the Wobbel and place it on a flat, horizontal surface. Make sure they don't wear socks or smooth shoes, otherwise they might slip and they could fall. Barefoot or non-slip shoes prevent slipping. Wobbel is designed for indoor play. It may be used outdoors but this will increase wear and tear to the board and the felt base.