Thai Triangle Pillow Backrest Cushion Kapok Filled_Light BLUE or RED



Handmade with 100% Natural Kapok Cotton Insert - Max Comfort & Allergen Free!
Size (LxWxH): Approx. 50cm x 32cm x 30cm
Weighs approx. 2 kgs
Made: 100% Handmade Thai Tradition Cotton Fabric with Natrual Kapok Fibre Stuffing
Brand: Tablua Furniture Australia
Origin: Made in Thailand

Thai pillows have been used for centuries in Thailand. It represents in many forms while the triangular shape is the most popular compose with the excellent benefit to rest your head and back.
Thai Triangle Pillow is called Mon SamLieung (Triangle Pillow) or Mon Thai (Thai Pillow), which is seen extensively throughout Thailand's culture.

Our pillows and mats are filled with 100% organic natural kapok, which contains no chemicals or pesticides are used in their design or manufacture.
Kapok fibres texture is medium firm and smooth to touch, providing a quite supportive yet fluffy feel. It has a unique quality similar to high quality down with none of the allergens.

The triangle pillow's tubular fabric construction gives firm support and ensures that the cushion will last for many years. Each decorative fabric tube is purely handmade and stuffed separately to give even support throughout the triangle pillow and mattress.
As experienced importer specialising in traditional Thai handicrafts, we believe in quality and genuineness.

Our triangle pillows are guaranteed 100% handmade and stuffed with pure kapok (no component of artificial fibres).
Disclaimer: Colours may vary slightly from those shown on the website, this is because these goods are handcrafted and this minor discrepancy should be seen asa dded character and not as a fault.