Logic Tangram Set with Play Cards Wooden Puzzle Game



Logic Egg Tangram Set with play Cards Wooden Puzzle Game
The Egg "Tangram" wooden puzzle challenges the puzzler to produce a given bird shapes silhouette using all of the pieces. It can be tantalizingly difficult, but also satisfying when the pieces fall into place and even thrilling when you invent a new form. The puzzle has 2 sets of the 9 wooden pieces and it comes with and 54 glossy silhouette cards of Birds. You can create at least 54 different 2D bird shapes using the provided pieces. The basic one is the Egg shape (where all birds come from), and 54 additional options provided with the puzzle. Each card showing a bird silhouette that you need to form. The cards contain puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty to challenge tangramists of all skill levels, with solutions to each puzzle printed on the back of the card. The puzzle comes with wooden box and matching lid, for safe keeping of the pieces and cards. Great gift for age 12+ and Adults that loves puzzles.

Product Features
The Egg "Tangram" wooden puzzle challenges the puzzler to produce a given bird shapes silhouette
Including 2 sets of the 9 wooden pieces Bird Tangram.
Solution or Instructions comes with the game.
54 playing cards with different birds to build.
Approximate Dimensions: Size: 19.1 x 3.8 x 12.1
Players may even let their imagination run wild to easily invent new figures. As another clever feature this board is equipped with silicone non-skid feet for stability.
Develops children's knowledge of geometrical shape, exercises children's hands-on ability.
Cards included with a variety of patterns , the seven shapes can put together a variety of shape, exercising kid's creativity and imagination.
Made of high quality wood material, wear resistant and corrosion resistance