Unique Saur Wood Round Coffee Table, generous 95cm across one of kind 100% unique designed by nature



Unique one of kind Saur Wood Coffee Table from Thailand

Own an original one of a kind Tablau table. created over millennia by nature, hand crafted by artisans in Northern Thailand villages and imported directly to Australia by Tablau Funyards- available to be delivered to your door

A large length of 93 cm in length (diameter) , Height app 47 cm
Width 87 cm
Extra strength power coated steel legs in stylish velvet black shade
Original tree’s shaped edge on all sides
8 cm (80mm) thickness solid whole timber slab.
Weight 67 kg
Delivery requires Toll Ipec Pallet delivery - price on application
Last one available until December- don't miss it

Key features:

A timeless stylish addition to your home.

Perfect as a coffee table, hall table or breakfast bar table. Handcrafted from whole piece of solid timber from the beautiful raintree wood, a special tropical species famous for its stunning river-flow-like grains. The sapwood (outer side timber) appears a lot lighter in shade than its heart wood which gives it a unique and contrasting natural look.

About the wood we source to make these unique pieces:

Wood descriptions eco friendly

Saur wood is a premium quality wood and only requires basic maintenance (water and mild soap) to maintain its grandeur.
SUSTAINABLE SUAR WOOD The Albizia Saman species has aconservation status of G5 – the rating applies globally and means the wood is widespread, abundant and is in no danger of extinction.
Here is a link to The NatureServe conservation status system to confirm rating: https://bit.ly/3ycskqH
The Wood is known for its fast and natural growing properties, this tree is less prone to endangerment, making it an affordable and popular choice amongst furniture manufacturers.
Solid Wood sourced from Eco-friendly plantation in Thailand

Note: every piece is a unique natural live edge timber. there are sometimes minor cracks, burrs etc same as characters of all natural timber products. Minor imperfection and rustic appearance is part of the charm.

Suar wood from Thailand is not sourced from tropical rainforests
No other type of wood is better suited to be processed in one piece
Proper drying and sealing protect the wood from cracking
If treated with propper care furniture made of Suar wood will last for decades and generations
We call it sustainable.

The most exciting moment for a Suar wood furniture maker is choosing the wood panels. Each slab differs in its individual color and grain.

The color core of Suar wood clearly sets itself apart from the light-colored sapwood. The sapwood has a whitish to yellowish color, which is distributed over a width of around five to ten centimeters. The color of the heartwood varies depending on the age and location of the tree. It is often characterized by a golden brown, sometimes reddish basic tone. Older trees or trees with little fluid supply can take on all shades of brown up to black brown.

Tabletops made of Suar wood are paintings – painted by nature with a sculptural character. The grain of the trees runs from striped to irregularly veined or it is cloudy. Sometimes “3D grains” develop, which are particularly fascinating.
The results are spectacular color highlights with merging grains in a wide variety of designs without any interruptions. No two slabs are the same, making each one unmistakably unique.

The rain tree, from which the Suar wood comes, grows in subtropical to tropical climatic regions. There the climatic conditions are relatively even over the year. There are no cold winters in which the trees take a break. The trunk can grow evenly over its entire lifespan. This uniform growth gives tropical woods like the rain tree a much higher stability compared to woods from temperate climates like Europe, the US or Canada

Delivery and Freight:

Please allow us 7 working days to transfer from our storage warehouse in Blue mountains NSW

We can deliver Australia wide to your door to almost everywhere, however unfortunately NOT everywhere as Australia is a large continent, Please feel free to contact us to confirm if delivery is available to your area if not listed as often we can make a plan

Please note table legs will need to be attached to table which is very easy to complete using the 4 screws provided- this ensures shipping can occur safely and you are also free to place legs in a position of your choice

Table is delivered with legs NOT already connected

Assembled Length 93 cm
Assembled Height 47 cm
Assembled Width 87 cm