Jumbo Luban 51-piece Pagoda interlocking Puzzle wooden brain teaser puzzle,51 pieces



Warning: one of the most challenging puzzles in our collection-try at own risk!
This is a very difficult and very large 51 piece wooden puzzle. One of our most challenging puzzles, all having a similar starting point.

The object : After taking it apart try to assemble the pieces into the original shape.

However this perfectly symmetrical, multifaceted structure is formed by the assembly of 51 bars. Each bar was carefully cut so that the pieces can interlock to make a solid core.

Once assembled, no single piece can simply be pulled out of place in order to take the puzzle apart. As in many construction puzzles, the key lies in turning one piece.
This mechanical puzzle is based on the "Japanese crystal Puzzle" originally designed in Japan around the 19th century. This beautiful and intriguing mechanical puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles in our interlocking puzzles collection. This perfectly symmetrical multifaceted celestial structure is made out of 51 non-identical interlocking bar pieces. Each piece precisely cut so the pieces can interlock perfectly to make a solid structure.

Like in many construction interlocking puzzles, the key to unlocking the puzzle is in turning just one piece, there are precise steps that you have to follow to unlock the puzzle.

This high-level difficult puzzle is perfect for serious puzzlers with a lot of extra time on their hands. Perfect for building focus, patience, and spatial reasoning!

Once you’ve solved the puzzle it makes a beautiful art piece to display on a bookshelf or coffee table.
Name : Big top (51 pcs.)
Level : 9.9
Weight (g) : 530g
Size (w x l x h) : 17.50×17.50×17.50 cm.
The ideal puzzle for those who love a challenge! A nice little piece of art too! Packaged perfectly