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This is a beautiful wooden 3 dimensional version of the internationally popular Sudoku logic game. Our handcrafted and vibrantly Sudoku game can be played over and over, making it an amazing gift for every Sudoku enthusiast.

Upgraded from 2D to 3D with this handmade wooden Sudoku Cube. Just like the original Sudoku, you need to arrange the numbered wooden cubes so that each face of the Sudoku Cube has one of each number from 1-9. However, unlike 2D Sudoku, you can’t just move from one square to the next, every face of this 3D Sudoku Cube must be solved to complete the puzzle


- Difficulty Level - 4
- Number of Pieces - 27
- Number of Players - 1
- Play Length - 1 - 18 hours
- Recommended Age - 7 and up
- Dimensions - 8.50×11.30×12.50cm.
- Wood Type - Rubberwood