Stacking Pagoda 7 piece brain teaser puzzle, wood, handmade 3D puzzle-arrange blocks on end column to solve



The object is to move nine graduated blocks of wood from a middle peg to one of the other two pegs, moving one block at a time and never place a larger block on top of smaller, all three pegs may be used

The puzzle was introduced to the West by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883.
Place the 7 pieces on the pillar in the center, starting with the biggest piece at the bottom and the smallest on top. The goal is to build the tower on one of the other pillars.
Rules : Only move 1 piece at a time and never place a bigger piece on a smaller one.
Instructions included.

Name : Pagoda ( 7 shapes)
Level : 3
Weight (g) : 460g
Size (w x l x h) : 8.70×25.00×5.3 cm.

Develop your critical thinking, improve your memory, enhance your visual perception, or stimulate creativity while having fun.

Puzzles are very important in developing and maintaining emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills.
Helps with stress management
Mindfulness training
Improves co-ordination and concentration
Perfect for dexterity and hand eye co-ordination development
Memory and cognitive skills improvement
BRAIN TEASERS – A beautiful wooden game – Fun puzzle for dinner parties and a wonderful source of entertainment for special occasions including Birthdays & Xmas.

EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGE– Designed to promote logic, lateral thinking and organisation. Exercise your brain with this mental workout, it’s a challenging puzzle!
NOVELTY PRESENT – A great game suitable for grownups and kids. Set a time challenge and see how quickly you solve the mystery of building the tower. Make sure you don’t break the rules!
HANDCRAFTED WOOD – Quality solid wooden gift that has been handmade. Step by step Instructions included just in case you get stuck!
FUN CHRISTMAS GIFT – Play it on your own or get everyone involved. Suitable gift for Mum, Dad, Brother, Friends or the whole family. Will certainly keep the kids quiet for a while!