Rollele Roulette ball spinning board game for the whole family.



FUN board spinning game for 2-3-4 players: just spin the top and try get highest score
A game for the whole family. Age: 6+
Dimensions: (w x l x h) : 19.50×19.50×3.5
Teak/Samena wood. Handmade in Thailand
Weight (g) : 390g


Board game of luck and fun for 2 people but also for the whole family!

In this age of online devise screen time and the fast-paced everyday life, wooden toys are something that slows down the pace and connects us again on a personal level
If you feel the need for something different, that relaxes the eyes, trains the mind and offers you enjoyment and quality time together having fun

These unique games are the best gift for you and your loved ones and you can be sure that, in addition to the entertainment they will offer you, they will become the center of attention, whether placed at home or in the office.

RULES: The first player who reaches the score of 1.000 points (or other score you decide) wins!

Place all 10 balls of the three different colours in the centre of the wooden base. Turn the wheel and try, by hitting the balls with it, to put them in the holes (especially of the same color) and to collect points.

It is fun for adults, but also ideal for playing with children, because due to the whirlpool and luck anyone can be the winner, regardless of age!

With instructions in English.