unique hand made wooden Puzzles - Triangle Pyramid Tangram 3D for kids or adults



12 Puzzles Deluxe Gift Box Set

puzzle combo comes in luxurious Sa Paper box.

Ready to be gifted

Timeless pieces suitable for kids or grown-ups.

Send your Gift with Style and Taste!

12 Puzzles in the box:

Soma Cube, Star Puzzle, Snake, Lumberjack, Soccer Ball Puzzle

Shooting Star, 12 Puzzle, Diamond Puzzle A, Diamond Puzzle B, Burr Puzzle, Round Diamond and Square Puzzle


21 x 18 x 20 cm


3 out of 5 to 4 out of 5


All our puzzles/games are individually handmade using highest quality rubber wood and/or monkey wood.

We meet international standards (including CE, EN7 and ASTM).

Besides the fun time, it's also perfect for displaying on your shelf as a beautiful piece of artwork.

Solutions/instructions included:

Every puzzle comes with individual solutions/instructions (just in case