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Balance bike transformable wooden 3 in 1 adjustable height and multi functional, handmade European quality-crafted in Riga Latvia
Ages 1 - 5, 85cm - 110 cm


leg&go (European award winning family business) 3 in 1 is not a regular balance bike. It is an outstanding innovation - the world’s only bike that truly adapts to children’s needs as they keep growing.
The transformable wooden leg&go bike teaches walking, balancing and pedaling to children by growing together with them from the ages of 10 months to 6 years! This bike helps little riders develop a good sense of balance, coordinated movements and straight posture, providing safety and stability; a caring buddy that’s always there to lean on.

The leg&go bike literally grows with your child. It can be quickly assembled (with no tools or additional parts!) in three different ways: start with the Baby Bike for your littlest riders, then as your child grows, transform the bike into Balance Bike or Bouncy Bike for discovering new horizons.

The clever wooden frame construction provides excellent natural suspension and absorbs vibrations on bumpy roads to gently protect your child’s spine from impacts. It has inflatable tires, light rims and metal spokes – just like a real bicycle! Its steering limiter prevents sharp turns, but a bigger front wheel provides control.

Experienced engineers have made the bike especially adaptable to your rider’s age and size to provide ergonomic and safe riding at any time. You can easily adjust the height of the seat (25 to 47 cm), the angle of the front fork and the distance between the seat and the handlebar. The bike is very light - only 3.3 kg (~20 % of child’s weight) which makes handling the bike really easy.

The bike is made of wood – a renewable resource – and is extremely long-lasting because of its transformability. Your child will gain a sense of independence and self-confidence as they transition from Baby bike to Bouncy bike. leg&go bike saves parents from buying 2 to 3 different bikes and also minimises the impact of overconsumption on the environment.

This bike was carefully designed by wise engineers who care about children’s development and comfort; not only does this bike show quality of design, but also functionality, which has been proven by awards such as the Eurobike Winner Award 2015 in the Urban Bike category, ISPO Munich Brandnew Finalist 2016/2017 honours and the Design & Innovation Award 2019 for its lightweight design and transformability.

The Leg&go bike has a 5 year warranty from the producer, which ensures that your bike will stay in its best condition. The leg&go Balance Bike also has European Conformity CE certification.

We firmly believe in the power of good functional design and hope our balance bike helps kids learn more than just physical balance.

We are here to encourage creativity, curiosity and adventurer spirit, help build confidence and learn life skills while enjoying safe outdoors fun.

The leg&go bike was created by Egon Garklavs, a designer and engineer with a 30 year track record of passion for functionality.
His visionary design combines extraordinary transformability, adaptability, durability, and green thinking.

Technical specification:
Balance Bike 3in1 Ages 1 - 5, 85cm - 110 cm

WHEELS: metal hub, wire tension-spokes
with metal rim, pneumatic rubber tyres
WHEEL DIAMETER: front 14”, rear 12”
FRAME AND FRONT FORK: lacquered birch plywood
SEAT HEIGHT: 25–47 cm / 9.8”–18.5”
BIKE LENGTH: 95.4–99 cm / 37.6”–39”
WEIGHT: 3.3 kg / 7 lb
SUITABLE FOR AGES: 1 to 5 years

We promise that this balance bike will be in your family for years to come!

How to assemble Link:
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Each product is hand crafted by our team.

Just in and NEW! ADD PEDALING SYSTEM TO EXISTING BALANCE BIKE- Message Funyards for details, images and costs