4 in 1 Climbing Triangle and Swedish Wall Children's indoor PASTEL , Montessori Triangle, Climber, plus bonus balance board


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Our Climbing Triangle is a unique playground inside your very home for children. It is a diverse functional climbing triangle that will provide endless learning and fun opportunities, as the triangle can be transformed into many different shapes.

Our Triangle Climber set with a ramp and optional balance board that can be transformed into a Swedish Wall is the perfect activity set for kids from 6 months to 7 years.

The activity set includes the transformable climbing triangle and ramp. The set comes with a wall mount and hanger included.

Please Note:
Due to our products being all hand made, never produced in a factory and we are experiencing massive demand, we are currently advising of at least a 4 week delay until order is ready to ship- we hope you can appreciate quality and workmanship can never be rushed and we ask for your patience-we are confident you will value the quality of product received-thank you Craig Beifus

The philosophy behind this product is that children should rely on their natural abilities while playing (and learning). Doing so strengthens a child's independence.
Parents should support a child's natural desire to move by creating favorable conditions for this desire to flourish. However, parents should not push or try to accelerate this process; forcefulness only hinders a child's development. The best way to help a child learn is by allowing them to climb. Climbing gives children time to assess their ability to move, recognize dangers and difficulties at their own pace, and essentially gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

While parents should allow kids to explore the Climbing triangle independently and at their own pace, they should also provide supervision and support.
Do not leave children unattended.

Playing with our climbing triangle will help your child to develop:

β€’ Dexterity
β€’ Movement pleasure
β€’ Balance
β€’ Motor skills
β€’ Courage
β€’ Healthy joints
β€’ Muscle development
β€’ Bone health

The ramp can be made up of different shapes. The benefit of the varying constructions is that each variation has a unique effect on the body. The various forms and hardness of the slides help to massage your child's feet. The additional setups ensure that all nodes in your little ones' feet are put to use.
The stimulation of feet is vital, as it helps prevent flat feet and improves posture for the rest of life.

Multiple physiotherapists have found that this toy is an excellent tool for improving a child's immunity; many action points connected to the internal organs are located on the feet.

Made from sustainably sourced FSC certified Finnish birch plywood.

Climbing Triangle:
Height: 68 cm (27”)
Length: 87 cm (34")
Width: 78 cm (31")
Weight: 7,2 kg (15,9 lbs)

With Swedish wall modification:
Length: 144 cm (57”)
Width: 78 cm (31")
Depth: 12 cm (5’’)
Weight: 7,2 kg (15,9 lbs

Maximum weight limit - 50 kg or 110 lb

BALANCE BOARD - 2 sizes to choose from:

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE S, (starter, gentle curve)

β€’ Length: 800 mm / 31,5 inches
β€’ Width: 280 mm / 11,00 inches
β€’ Arch height 125 mm / 4,92 inches
β€’ Thickness: 12 mm / 0,47 inches
β€’ Weight: 2 kg / 4,4 lbs
β€’ Holds up to 150 kg / 330 lbs
β€’ Suitable for everyone but especially for very young children.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE M, (original size, classic curve)

β€’ Length: 880 mm / 34,65 inches
β€’ Width: 280 mm / 11,00 inches
β€’ Arch height 170 mm / 6,69 inches
β€’ Thickness: 15 mm / 0,59 inches
β€’ Weight: 3 kg / 6,6 lbs
β€’ Holds up to 200 kg / 440 lbs
β€’ Most universal size that is suitable for everyone.

If you are not sure which size to get, we suggest size M (medium), as it is the most universal. It is curved enough to be interesting to play with and it is not too big for small children to also use easily. There is no worry of outgrowing it - the medium board is for adults!


β€’ Side - Baltic birch plywood 18 mm ( 0.7" ) thick
β€’ Slide - Baltic birch plywood 15 mm ( 0.6" ) thick
β€’ Wooden bars - Aspen wood 24 mm (1" ) in diameter
β€’ A handmade product: each Triangle is handcrafted and checked by our family and team.

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