Thai Triangle Pillow Backrest Cushion Kapok Filled


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The Funyards Australia traditional Large handmade Triangle Thai Cushions are 100% hand filled with natural kapok (a fluffy plant fibre). The kapok is packed to provide solid support, and yet is soft and comfortable to touch and supports the spine.
The outer cover is made of traditional fabric with a Thai design.
All our Thai cushions are double-stitched for extra strength.
Easily folded up for storage or an attractive piece of furniture as a stand alone

Handmade with 100% Natural Kapok Cotton Insert - Max Comfort & Allergen Free!
Size (LxWxH): Approx. 50cm x 32cm x 30cm
Weighs approx. 2 kgs
Made: 100% Handmade Thai Tradition Cotton Fabric with Natrual Kapok Fibre Stuffing

About this item
Large handmade Triangle Thai Cushion hand-stuffed with all natural 100% kapok fiber. Kapok is naturally hypoallergenic and antifungal
Versatile cushion: use it with your floor mattress to put under your knees for stress relief, a backrest pillow to relieve those tight back muscles, reading pillow, lounge pillow, floor pillow, and many other imaginative ways.
Extra firm shape and durable, yet, soft to the touch and comfortable feel from thick Thai cotton blend fabric. Spa Quality with Thai Style Designs Crafted Using Traditional Looming Method.
Naturally hypoallergenic stuffing, eco-friendly and sustainably harvested


Comfortable, stable and breathable due to use of Kapok a natural plant material.
Perfect for lounging, relaxing, reading, watching TV and camping.
Can be folded for storage.
Also suitable as tri-fold mattress or love-seat
Our products are all filled with new, untreated kapok, a plant fibre extracted from the fruits of a tropical tree. Firm but comfortable padding that is both comfortable and supportive. Space-saving stowage. Suitable for apartments, terrace flats, garden use, outdoor, boats or on back of motorbike.
Handmade with loving care - responsibly and sustainably in Thailand.
Premium quality: double seams for extra long durability!
Traditional Thai design.